26 years after the iconic film, the Jumanji board game based on the 1995 classic is coming to mobile!

Marmalade Game Studio is excited to announce JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is now available to pre-order on iOS and Android. 

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns brings up to four players together to play the cursed board game from the classic 1995 film, in a contemporary digital style. With a combination of board game and co-op card matching, time-attack mechanics, you’ll be rolling the dice, reading the riddles, facing the dangers and saving the town of Brantford. 

The objective is to beat the game by getting a member of your team to the center of the board. You’ll need all four players to get them there, and every turn will reveal a fresh challenge. Whether it’s a stampede of rhinos, zebras and more, or an angry elephant plus the hunter, Van Pelt, you’ll defeat Jumanji together or not at all. 

The mobile version of JUMANJI: The Curse Returns, will be launched with brand new features, which will also release on Steam soon. These include: new encounter modes, a new shield item to protect you from vines and Van Pelt’s attacks, plus powered-up items that can deal more damage in a single use. Additional updates will be coming to each platform as and when they’re available, adding more depth to this fun game. 

This iconic game, will be released to mobile with full cross-platform capability. Team up with your friends and family for a fun, fast-paced adventure like no other via iOS, Android and PC! 

Coming soon this winter, you will be able to fight the jungle on a new Map, the Winter Lodge, with new locations, characters and riddles. It promises to be an icy departure from the sunny town of Brantford, and the mysterious jungle will not be put off by the cold! 

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is a co-op game designed for four players, and there are multiple ways to play. You can team-up online through private or public games, and if you’re a player short, AI companions will make up the numbers. 

Mike Willis, CEO at Marmalade Game Studio, said: 

Jumanji is a board game with a difference. It reaches beyond the board, right into our imaginations, and we’re delighted to be bringing it to life on mobile. With every one of our digital games we strive to recreate the feel of the original. For Jumanji, that meant basing the experience on the 1995 film. We can’t wait to release JUMANJI: The Curse Returns on iOS and Android. It’s a real hybrid of gameplay styles and there’s nothing like it in the App Stores at the moment. We know you’ll have fun playing it with your friends and family, wherever you happen to be.

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns, joins Marmalade Game Studio’s collection of highly successful digital board game adaptations, including MONOPOLY, CLUE/CLUEDO, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 and BATTLESHIP. 

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is a premium title available for pre-order now on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, priced at £2.49 / $2.99 / €2.99. The game launches on both platforms on 17th November.  

For more information, please contact Paul Watson at paul@gameifyouare.com. 

About JUMANJI: The Curse Returns

Roll the dice, read the riddles and the Jumanji board game will summon a mysterious jungle to take over the town! You’ll team-up with your friends and family to banish jungle creatures and plants together. Work within the time limit in every round and reach the center of the board to win. Face crocodiles, elephants and rhinos, rescue your friends from vines and dodge the hunter, Van Pelt! 

Match the items from your stash to every danger and send the animals and insects back into the board. Work together, have fun, and stop Jumanji from invading the town! 

About Marmalade Games Studio

London-based Marmalade Game Studio is one of the most successful publishers in the digital board games markets on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile. Notable successes include MONOPOLY, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 and CLUE/CLUEDO, all highly polished and innovative games that constantly top the charts on the App Store and Google Play. For more information about Marmalade Game Studio, please visit the website: https://marmaladegamestudio.com/, and follow us on Twitter (@MarmaladeGames), Facebook (@MarmaladeGameStudio), and Instagram (@MarmaladeGames) 

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