Can your stats win you a Season Pass?

Share your game statistics and you could win the Season Pass!

Team-up with your friends and play JUMANJI: The Curse Returns. Roll the dice, read the riddles and face the dangers. When the hunter, Van Pelt, appears, work together to defeat him and share your stats.

Your stats will appear at the end of the game. Take a screenshot and share on Twitter @marmaladegames, using #JumanjiReturns!

Which stats are important?

Statistics and achievements in JUMANJI: The Curse Returns include:

  • Number of locations lost

If you lose every location to the jungle, you lose the game! So work together and try not to lose a single area on the map!

  • Best team member

Help your team escape vines, and pass out your magical items to help charge their tokens. You’ll win or lose together, so look after one another and you’ll be more likely to make it to the center of the board.

  • Encounters faced

The faster your team works, the more dangers you’ll face in every round. The more animals and plants you banish back into the board, the greater your achievement!

  • The best brawler

Who’s the most useful in a fight? Focus on getting the hits in and you could earn this achievement.

What’s in the Season Pass?

Get 6 new maps as soon as they’re released! Explore locations around the world and unlock new characters and dangers with everyone. Start your adventure at the Winter Lodge!

The Season Pass will also include two new DLCs based on the movies, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level.

Take a screenshot of the end screen, where your game stats are displayed. Share the image on Twitter, using @marmaladegames and #JumanjiReturns, and you could win the complete Season Pass!

Visit https://www.marmaladegamestudio.com/jumanji-the-curse-returns-defeat-the-hunter-competition-terms-conditions/ for full T&Cs and prize details. 

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