Date Night with The Game of Life 2

Live a lifetime on the same board, in a single evening!

Are you looking for a fun activity this date night? Join your significant other and become two pegs on The Game of Life 2 board! Better yet, as it’s a game for up-to 4 players, why not invite another couple on a double-date? You can play together via iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Steam, or in person!

The Game of Life 2 is the official sequel to the classic board game, The Game of Life. Venture into a bright 3D animated world and live your whole life in one game. Choose your outfits, hop in your cars and set out on your life journeys. Can you guess what their choices will be?

Marriage or not

In The Game of Life 2 you don’t have to get married immediately, or ever. You can put off making the decision until later in the game, or stay single. Will you choose the same thing or will your decisions take you in different directions?

Steady career or adventure

There are so many careers to choose from in The Game of Life 2. Will you be a Wind Turbine Engineer or a Vlogger? Will they be a Surgeon or a Rock Star? Every decision is valid and affects the choices that come up later in the game. So will you both aim for a life of glamour and adventure, will one of you play it steady, or will you both go down the risky path?

All about the money?

In The Game of Life 2 it’s not all about being the richest on the board. Now, you can earn points for happiness and knowledge too! So, will your priorities align, or will your differences combine to make an exciting mix? Will one of you choose career success over academic achievement? Or will you both make choices that lead to pure happiness? There’s only one way to find out!

Babies or pets

Will you have babies, pets, both or none? In The Game of Life 2 all options are open. Will they fill their mini-van with kids while you adopt six cats? Will you opt for both? See what happens!

Beach hut or family home

Living life is just the start, and knowing where you’ll live it is important. Will they take their mini-van full of kids to a suburban home, while you take your six cats to a penthouse? Or will you both escape to an Island Holiday Home? It’s only the biggest investment you’ll ever make!

Of course, how you both play The Game of Life 2 might not reflect the choices either of you would make in real life… but either way it will be a date night with a difference! You can play this classic board game now on mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch!

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