Jigsaw Video Party

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  • Appropriate for ages rated 3+

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About the Game

Welcome to a new, ad-free, jigsaw puzzle mobile experience. Chat to your friends in app and invite them to join your jigsaw puzzle party! Text chat while you choose your puzzle and transition to video chat while you play! Chill with your family and friends wherever they are, or relax and complete jigsaws on your own.

Choose from a broad selection of carefully curated images, and select the number of pieces you’d like your puzzle to be. It’s the ultimate flexible puzzle app that you can take with you wherever you go.



Join the puzzle party

Complete puzzles with your friends and family!

Chat with your friends

Text chat before and video chat while you play!

Start group puzzles

Start puzzle parties directly from within your chats!

No ads, no worries

It’s calm, minimalist, 100% ad-free, quality time!

Relax with solo play

Complete jigsaws on your own, online or offline!

High quality images

Get 10 free puzzles and unlock curated puzzle packs!



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