JUMANJI: The Curse Returns

The Jumanji Board Game Brought to Life

  • Appropriate for ages rated 7+

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The Board Game

The Jumanji board game from the 1995 movie brought to life!

Match the Items

Use the right items at the right time to win every round!

Co-op Gameplay

Team-up and work together to save the town from Jumanji!

Always 4 Players

Play with friends and family, AI teammates, or a mix of both!

Multiplayer Modes

Play a private or open online game, or offline with an AI team!

Easy Mechanics

It’s a brand new, easy-to-master, casual co-op adventure!


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The Map

The Map

The town of Brantford, New Hampshire, is home to Alan Parrish, the Parrish Mansion and the Parrish Shoe factory. The 1995 film is set in the town itself and JUMANJI: The Curse Returns features the classic locations visited by the characters throughout the story.

The Parrish Mansion Attic

It’s where the abandoned Jumanji board game is discovered and it’s where Jumanji: The Curse Returns begins.

The Shoe Company

Abandoned and forgotten by the people of Brantford, the shoe company is the perfect place to face any jungle creature.


Prices Slashed! Crocodiles will snap-up all the deals if you don’t defend the local supermarket!

The Riverbank

There are plenty of jungle creatures that prefer a watery home. Work together and make sure their stay isn’t permanent!

The Town Center

Jumanji wants to take over Brantford. Defend the town center and stop the jungle invasion!

Alan Parrish

Discover the Jumanji board game as the original resident of the Parrish Mansion.

Sarah Whittle

Born and raised in Brantford, Sarah knows the importance of teamwork when playing this game.

Judy Shepherd

Be the young teen with attitude. Judy is confident in the face of any challenge.

Peter Shepherd

The youngest person in the game can still ensure victory, and Peter is ready to face the jungle.

Coach Holly

Coach Holly will get you working as a team, and her head is always in the game.

Lucas Garcia

Always ready with his camera, Lucas will face any danger to frame that perfect shot.


Rhinos have incredible strength. If you’ve got the muscle, this token is yours.


Elephants never forget. If you have a good memory, take on this legendary mantle.


Do you create chaos? If so, be the monkey on the board.


Are you patient? Do you eat anything and everything? Then be this mighty reptile.


Exclusive to owners of the Season Pass or Complete Collection.


Exclusive to owners of the Season Pass or Complete Collection.


Exclusive to owners of the Season Pass or Complete Collection.



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