Gaming Together This January

  • January is known to be a challenging month for mental health, with increased rates of loneliness, anxiety, and depression 
  • Since Covid-19 lockdowns, people are better than ever at finding social outlets online, especially through games
  • Multiplayer games can bring you closer to your family, friends, and active gaming communities, combatting loneliness and isolation and leading to better mental health

In the wake of Christmas, January is known to be a lonely month. Many of us go from being surrounded by friends and family, to facing long nights and cold weather in relative isolation. This isolation, coupled with ambitious New Years resolutions that are hard to keep up with, can lead to depression and anxiety.

But we do not need to face it alone.

This January, as we face the long march towards Spring, reach out to your friends, family, or online gaming forums like our brand new Discord, and play together!

Dive into Multiplayer Board Games Online

Here at Marmalade Game Studio we make the official Monopoly, Clue (Cluedo), Game of Life 2, Battleship and more. It’s our mission to bring your favourite board games to life in beautiful immersive 3D worlds you can enjoy again and again.

We know that you can’t be with your friends and family in person all the time. But with the games you love on mobile, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, you can play with your favourite people wherever you are.

Players of Monopoly and The Game of Life 2 on mobile can also benefit from our Bubble in-game video chat. So you’ll get face-to-face time while you play. In effect, you’ll get to watch their face as you bankrupt them long-distance! It’s fun!

Covid-19 and Gaming for Mental Health

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic people are better than ever at finding social outlets online. The gaming industry was key to many people’s social survival during the lockdown months. The European Parliament Report on online gaming states:

“…the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as… increased anxiety or other types of mental ill-being, have been affecting… young people. Video games and esports can provide significant mental health benefits for many players…”

In the times since, you might think people would have put down the controller in favour of meeting-up in person. However, people have reported playing online as much as they did in lockdown, if not more!

Combatting Loneliness and Staying Social Through Gaming

By stripping back the problem of location, gaming online connects people around the world. At Marmalade we’re working hard to build communities and make our gaming experiences as close to playing in-person as possible.

If you’re missing your family after the festive season or just wanting to spend time with other humans, online gaming can be the solution:

  • 61% of players say video games have helped them stay connected with their family
  • 83% say that video games can introduce people to new friends online
  • 88% say that games bring different types of people together
  • 83% say video games help build communities
  • 77% of parents regularly play video games with their children
  • 46% have met a good friend, spouse or significant other through video games

Don’t Be Alone

January can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. Make new friends, or join your friends and family. Play face-to-face on mobile, or together across platforms. Let the games continue!

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