Have a White Christmas with Your Favourite Classic Board Games!

The must-play festive Winter themes, bringing snowy magic to your holidays

There’s nothing better than playing a board game with your family and friends at Christmas. And with our digital board games, you can get your favourite people together wherever they are! Don’t let distance stop game night. Escape into our Winter board game themes and keep the magic alive!

Monopoly – Snowdrop Valley

If you enjoy the thrill of building a property empire, it’s got to be Monopoly! Own it all in a sparkling ski resort. Buy-up the board from the Souvenir Shop to Winterberry Castle. Invest in the Ski Lifts, or the Mountain Rescue and Radio Tower. Play as the Fir Tree, Snowman, Reindeer or Snowmobile! It’s festive fun for the whole family (and there’s no board to flip if someone loses their temper)!

Cluedo – Snowy Peaks

Are you a fan of murder mysteries? Then you can’t go wrong with the classic mystery game! Become a detective in the luxurious Snowy Peaks Chalet. Reunions are a fun idea, but the reality can be less so. Old friends have been reunited. long-buried arguments are coming to the surface and tensions are running high. A murderer is at large and the criminal is one of the guests. But whose grudge ran that deep?

Monopoly – Victorian London

Escape into the London of Dickens and Scrooge! Walk along the icy embankment and buy-up the streets from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Houses of Parliament. Play as the Crown, Big Ben, the Lion or the Royal Guard. Build your property empire and celebrate the festive season by bankrupting your loved ones! It’s not “Bah humbug!” if you’re winning!

The Game of Life 2 – Frozen Lands

Live an entire life in one evening! Put on your warmest coat and snow boots, and trek through the Frozen Lands world! Dress up as a Yeti, an Explorer or an Ice Fisher, get in your sleigh and qualify as an Arctic Scientist, or hit the slopes as a professional Snow Sledder! Journey through the ski resort, ice village and magical forest, all the way to the mysterious frozen North!

Play your favourite games this festive season, wherever you are! Gather your friends and family on your mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch, and dive into these gorgeous Winter themes!
Happy Holidays from the whole team at Marmalade Game Studio!

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