Have your say on the future of MONOPOLY!

The Community Chest cards are changing in an historic event!

This World MONOPOLY Day 2021 on the 19th of March, an event will begin that will change the face of MONOPOLY forever!

The MONOPOLY game we know and love has been a family favourite for almost 100 years. Until now, the Community Chest cards have stood the test of time, with minimal edits. But that’s about to change. Hasbro feel it’s high time the Community Chest cards were brought up to date, and they’re handing control to you!

It’s safe to say, some of the traditional cards don’t represent our modern world values. For this reason, Hasbro and Marmalade Game Studio are giving you the chance to vote on what the new cards will say!

These new cards will replace the old in all physical and digital versions of the board game!

Voting now closed!

Have your say and cast your vote. It’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to change an iconic game for future generations!

The new cards will be in all games from September 2021!

If you’re ready to see something different to “second prize in a beauty pageant”, or “opening night at the opera”, this is your chance to make change happen!

Happy World MONOPOLY Day 2021!

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