Christmas is saved: How to play board games while staying safe!

There is a way to follow SAGE advice AND play Christmas board games with your family, when you play them digitally on your phone or tablet!

Christmas is a special time of year. We remember it for the food, laughter and the joy of gifts. For the time Auntie May bankrupted Grandpa by building hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane. For the time Dad taught us how to ruthlessly send an entire fleet to the crushing depths in BATTLESHIP, before we beat the whole family to the solution of a ghastly crime in CLUEDO. This year, SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) has advised us to not play board games. Luckily, Marmalade Game Studio is here to safely keep the tradition alive.
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Government restrictions

The UK government has announced that Christmas travel restrictions will be lifted, and that up to three households can form a bubble from December 23rd to the 27th! This is great news for everyone at a time when people traditionally get together to celebrate and make memories.
However, SAGE has warned that if we’re not careful this could lead to a third wave of coronavirus cases, and a stricter lockdown in January.
To help avoid this, SAGE has suggested ways for households to lower the risk over Christmas. These include:

  • Not sharing food from communal bowls
  • Not singing
  • And not playing board games!

However, with digital board game from Marmalade Game Studio, you can play the games you love together on your mobile devices!

Keep tradition alive!

With secure online multiplayer, family members can be in the same room, playing the same board game on their own devices. This avoids the need to be gathered around a single board, and helps lower the chances of direct, physical contact.

Marmalade Game Studio have brought your favourite board games to life, including: MONOPOLY, THE GAME OF LIFE 2, BATTLESHIP and CLUEDO. These are available across iOS and Android devices, and some are also available on Nintendo Switch and PC!

What’s more, all types of devices can be used to play just one game! So the kids could be playing on their Android mobiles or iPhones, while a cousin plays on the Nintendo Switch and Granny plays on a laptop! 

We all want to avoid further infections in the UK. It’s been a difficult year and we don’t want to start 2021 with another lockdown. So let’s keep the party alive as safely as possible! 

Playing board games digitally also works if your family can’t be together this Christmas. Play your favourite games wherever you are, whether you share a festive bubble or not! With each game optimised for tablet devices, grandparents can join in more easily too on bigger screens.

Christmas 2020 is going to be a Christmas like no other. This year is shaping a new future, but that doesn’t mean the traditions have to end. It just means we need to find creative ways to keep them alive!

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