In-Game Video Chat Comes to MONOPOLY!

Bankrupt your friends face-to-face with this brand NEW feature!

With video chat in MONOPOLY on mobile, you get the in-person experience wherever you are. The world may separate you, but thanks to this feature you can still see the look on their face, or hear the quake in their voice, as their token approaches Boardwalk plus a hotel!

Make New MONOPOLY Memories

Do you remember how MONOPOLY used to be? You’d invite your friends over to your house or gather your family around the table. You’d set up the board while sharing stories and reminiscing about games past…From the word Go! you’d be watching their faces as fortunes rose and fell around the board.

With life pulling us in different directions it can be difficult to recreate those together times. But this brand new social feature overcomes any distance!

With live in-game video you can talk as you normally would while playing MONOPOLY in person, watching the board and seeing their faces in the same place. There’s no need for extra apps or screens and it couldn’t be more simple.

How it Works

The new video chat feature is so simple to use anyone can do it!

  • Create an account
  • Invite your friends
  • Text chat with your friends until everyone’s ready
  • Start a game of MONOPOLY from within the chat itself
  • Move to video chat automatically, as the game begins

Our Commitment to Connection

At Marmalade Game Studio we create the digital board games you’ll want to play with your friends and family over and over again. They’re the classics you love, and thanks to the digital format, you can take them with you wherever you go.

Bringing video chat into our games is the logical next step. It takes that true in-person board game tradition and puts it right on your mobile. Using additional apps and screens can be confusing and it can be a barrier between the tech savvy and the less technical people in friendship groups and families. Our mission is to make socialising with our games as seamless as possible and we’re leading the way by making video chat a built-in feature of our games.

Nothing shows defeat like burying your face in your hands as you mortgage your last property, and nothing signals victory like grinning as your bank balance is boosted by many M!

So invite your favourite people to play and find a brand new way to recreate the magic and make new memories!

Play MONOPOLY face-to-face on mobile wherever you are!

You can download the MONOPOLY game by Marmalade Game Studio on iOS and Android.

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