SAVE 60% on the Monopoly Champion Explorers Bundle

Buy-up the world and save 60% with the brand new Champion Explorers Bundle: 41 boards based on cities from around the world AND 6 golden tokens!

Take your property Empire global. Be the mighty Kaiju in Japan. Race to victory as the Sports Car in Arabia. Channel your mystical side as the Unicorn in Spain. Travel the world, choose from among your 6 new golden tokens, roll the dice and crush the competition!

Download Monopoly now from the App Store and Google Play and discover the Champion Explorers Bundle in-game!

NEW Golden Tokens

The Champion Explorers Bundle comes with new iconic tokens. This exclusive collection in shining gold represents the futuristic and legendary fantasies of your early years. Choose your Champion and own the board!


If you like plain talking, plain dealing, and swift calculations, this is the token for you! Shed the emotional baggage and bankrupt everyone!


Are you fiercely protective of your own space? Mark your territory and make any trespassers pay… they better watch out for the full moon!


As the most mysterious token, will you out-shine your rivals or bare your horn? Get ready to kick your favourite people out of the game!

Sports Car

Rule your property empire with comfort and speed! Rev that engine, roll the top down, and feel the wind in your hair!


Roast the competition to a crisp! Become the greediest player on the board, hoard that gold and defend it with all your might!


Make an impression as the King of Monsters! Rise from the depths and wreak destruction wherever you tread, just try not to trample your own properties!

Season Pass

For the ultimate Monopoly experience AND the biggest saving, unlock the full range of expansions with our HALF PRICE Season Pass. Discover new boards, tokens, properties and magical worlds, that completely transform the game you love.

The Season Pass includes ALL Bundles, Token Packs and every theme, including:

  • Snowdrop Valley
  • 1935 Atlantic City
  • Paris, La Belle Epoque
  • L.A. Monstropolis
  • Victorian London
  • Cherry Blossom Tokyo
  • New York 2121
  • Transylvania
  • Enchanted Forest

With one more to come!

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