JUMANJI: The Curse Returns launches on PC!

Nintendo Switch version to launch later this year.

1 SEP 2021 –  As announced at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Marmalade Game Studio is excited to announce the launch of JUMANJI: The Curse Returns for PC via Steam.

Based on the beloved original 1995 film, JUMANJI: The Curse Returns brings the film’s iconic board game to life within a contemporary, fun, casual co-op adventure. 

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is a board game for 4 players that takes on a life of its own as soon as you start to play. Roll the dice, move around the board, read the riddles and work together to banish the creatures summoned by Jumanji. In each round you could be facing crocodiles, rhinos, carnivorous plants or the hunter, Van Pelt.

Recreating the experience of the 1995 film, JUMANJI: The Curse Returns blends a board game formula with a bright, fun, casual co-op adventure. Working with your friends, you’ll be matching the correct items from your stash with those needed to send the perils back into the board.

You can join the fun online via public games, or get your friends and family together for private online sessions. As in the film, it takes 4 players to triumph over Jumanji, but groups of 3 or fewer will be supported by AI players. Players can also play solo offline with 3 AI team members.

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns has been designed for easy-to-master co-op fun that you can enjoy together with your friends and family. 

Mike Willis, CEO at Marmalade Game Studios, said: Bringing the Jumanji board game to life in JUMANJI: The Curse Returns has been a unique challenge. It’s a board game that escapes the board, and we’ve truly enjoyed figuring out how to make multiple game mechanics work together so players get the full experience. I’m confident we’ve succeeded in staying true to the original 1995 film, while making a contemporary game with genuine universal appeal. It’s a co-op adventure to be shared, and we are excited to be sharing it with the world.

Marmalade Game Studio has a wealth of experience bringing existing physical board games such as MONOPOLY, THE GAME OF LIFE, BATTLESHIP and CLUE/CLUEDO to life with beautiful results on PC, consoles and portable devices.

Developing the digital version of Jumanji – a completely fictional board game – was a brand-new challenge, but one that Marmalade were uniquely equipped to take on.

Jamie Stevens – EVP, Worldwide Consumer Products, Sony Pictures Entertainment, said: Marmalade Game Studio has a strong reputation for producing top quality digital board games, and we couldn’t wait to see what they’d create for Jumanji.  They have succeeded in producing an immersive Jumanji experience that is unique to anything we’ve seen before.  It’s clear that the team at Marmalade are true fans of the franchise, and it’s that passion that makes this game so special.  We are excited to be sharing JUMANJI: The Curse Returns with fans around the world.

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns is available today on PC via Steam, priced £12.99 / $12.99 / €12.99 with a 10% launch discount.

The Nintendo Switch version will launch later this year via the Nintendo eShop

For more information, please contact Paul Watson at paul@gameifyouare.com.

About JUMANJI: The Curse ReturnsRoll the dice, read the riddles and the Jumanji board game will summon a mysterious jungle to take over the town! You’ll team-up with your friends and family to banish jungle creatures and plants together. Work within the time limit in every round and reach the center of the board to win. Face crocodiles, elephants and rhinos, rescue your friends from vines and dodge the hunter, Van Pelt! 
Match the items from your stash to every danger and send the animals and insects back into the board. Work together, have fun, and stop Jumanji from invading the town!

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