MONOPOLY Transylvania

Welcome to MONOPOLY Transylvania

It’s classic spooky fun on the board that goes bump in the night!

Night has fallen on the brand new MONOPOLY Transylvania board. The mists are stirring and the air is alive with the rustle of wings and the distant howling of wolves. Buy, sell and scheme your way through the gothic streets of this classic spooky theme.

Transylvania Board

A Tourist in Transylvania

Transylvania has been an iconic centre for Autumnal festivities ever since Bram Stoker’s famous vampiric masterpiece, Dracula, landed on bookshelves in 1897. Just outside Brașov, Romania, Bran Castle is known to have been the inspiration for Count Dracula’s castle. With its many turrets and towers, perched within a mountainous landscape, the castle has fueled imaginations for over 100 years. And now you can own it all on the new, hauntingly beautiful, MONOPOLY Transylvania board!

Dark streets and haunted rivers

Gaze down into the misty rivers, or up to the dark turrets and towers of Dracula’s castle! This property market comes alive at night, if you’re brave enough to own it! Roll the dice and build your portfolio, from the Creeping Path to the Gargoyle Gardens! Make sure you stay on track near Forgotten Woods Road, and be careful around the Bat Caverns. Do you hear distant cackling, or is it merely the snapping of dry branches? 

Spooky New Tokens

Transylvania Tokens

Be the master of the castle and play as Dracula himself, or take to the streets as the Wolf! Set the standard of high-class comfort, and survey the scene, with the Throne, or toast your own success with the Goblet! The choice is yours and the stakes are chillingly high.

Bankrupt your friends and family on the board that brings all your spooky dreams to life! Choose your token, roll the dice, take to the dark streets and own it all!

Buy the MONOPOLY Transylvania theme now in the in-game shop, or as part of the Season Pass!



Sweep through the dark streets, leaving nothing but the rustle of your cape and copious bank notes in your wake. Bleed the property market dry!


Hunt your adversaries around the board biting into their wallets with your razor-sharp rents… and teeth. It’s a full moon and your time is now!


Toast your success in style as you fill your cup with the tears of your enemies. You’re a ruthless property tycoon with a taste for the finer things!


Wherever you reside you’re the master, and you’ll take your throne with you. Buy your way to the top and own it all!



Immediately after GO and right on the edge of town, the run-down cottages on the outskirts are perfect if you want a quick getaway from your haunted neighbours!

Light Blue

They say vampires can’t cross running water, so a house on one of the main bridges could be the safest place to be!


Take in the view from the first tower, across pitched rooftops, bright windows, and up to the dark turrets above.


Between the castle and thick, haunted woodland, these properties are an island of comfort. Watch the trees and you might see Baba Yaga’s house walking through the forest! 


Buy your own river crossing on the North side of town. See what’s coming before anyone else from this striking vantage point!


Even in a haunted town, the ghosts must have somewhere to sleep. Live in a place of permanent rest and embrace the haunted lifestyle among the graves!


The rents may be higher just outside the castle walls, but it’s perilously close to danger! If you’ve got the nerve or the teeth for it, this could be the perfect investment!

Dark Blue

If you’re at home with paying the highest price for the chance of maximum returns, why not move in with Dracula himself? For daring investors only!

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