The MONOPOLY Video-Chat Season Pass Photo Challenge!

Gather 2 or 3 friends via in-game video chat and each of you could win a Season Pass worth £34.99/$34.99/€34.99!

Buy, sell and scheme your way to riches in MONOPOLY on mobile with video chat. Follow these simple steps and you and your friends could win more than just the game!

Join the MONOPOLY video chat photo challenge

It couldn’t be more simple to enter!

  • Gather 2 or 3 of your favourite people
  • Play MONOPOLY face-to-face via FREE in-game video chat
  • Take a screenshot with all of you in it during the game
  • Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tag @marmaladegamestudio, and use #marmaladefriends

Smile, wave, pull a funny face, dress up… make the photo as engaging as you could own it all!

How to video-chat in game

Video-chat in MONOPOLY is supported by our Bubble social platform. Bubble exists within the game app itself, so it’s all in one place. 
To invite your friends, simply:

  • Create a FREE Bubble account within the MONOPOLY game app
  • Invite at least 2 friends
  • Form a chat group
  • Start a game! 

You’ll transition smoothly to video chat as soon as your game begins.

What’s in the Season Pass?

The unique themes in the MONOPOLY Season Pass are hand crafted by our talented artists, and available only on mobile. From the cherry blossoms of Tokyo, to snowy Victorian London, buy and sell your way through historic cities, fantasy realms and alternate realities.

We can’t wait to see your picture! So get your friends together face-to-face on mobile, and show us your game faces!
You can download the MONOPOLY game by Marmalade Game Studio on iOS and Android.

Terms and conditions do apply. For more information visit: https://www.marmaladegamestudio.com/monopoly-season-pass-photo-challenge-prize-promotion-tcs/

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