Mr Monopoly Spills the Tea on Business and More

We caught up with Mr Monopoly, in the Paris: La Belle Epoque theme, to talk romance and the ultimate opponent.

Mr Monopoly is a character, an icon, and a legend. As the face of the board game based on ruthless property trading; the board game that’s known and loved around the world, I was sure he would be all business. To my surprise, Mr Monopoly turned out to be a happy figure in an expensive suit and a top hat, enjoying the sun in the most romantic theme on mobile, Paris: La Belle Epoque.

It takes years of experience to be able to relax on the Monopoly board, and I find myself talking to the master. I was nervous about bringing the conversation around to relationships and romance, but it was Mr Monopoly who opened the subject:

I find myself thinking about the game and how it affects relationships. I’ve been a Monopoly player from the beginning, when the game was first invented in Atlantic City in 1935 – I know! I don’t look that old! – and in that time it’s become famous for causing arguments, and I don’t understand it.

But Monopoly is competitive, so how do you see that translating to relationships on the board?

It’s important to remember that in Monopoly, everyone starts out equal. After that, it’s only your decisions that matter. I’ve had partners who let me buy their properties out from under them. I’ve had partners who let good investments go at auction, thinking I would enjoy an easy win… that’s not how you play Monopoly. A true partner plays the game and makes you work for your victory. There’s nothing more attractive than that.

And if they beat you?

Well, you can only admire their tactics and luck! The business of Monopoly is half tactics, half luck. Once you understand that, you can’t be angry.

Is there ever really a loser?

Where am I now? I’m talking to you in the Paris: La Belle Epoque theme. It’s a beautiful, sunny day on the banks of the river Sene. In this theme, there are no losers because it’s joyful from one side of the board to the other. In Monopoly, the only losers are the ones who don’t play.

That’s a lovely philosophy! Do you think Monopoly can help you find love?

Of course it’s hard finding love when all people see is your money.(He laughs) But speaking more optimistically, I think Monopoly can help test your love! It’s not an easy game for relationships, but there’s nothing more romantic than finding your favourite opponent and falling for them at the same time. Some people enjoy the journey and the strategy, while others love an impassioned board flipper. Everyone is different.

Is it sometimes better to play it safe?

This is an interesting question. I think Monopoly is best played when the board is balanced. Risk and reward, savings and expense. In every relationship you need to find balance or the game will be hard work from start to finish. The themes are very useful here. If you’re both looking for excitement, New York 2121 has it all. If you’re stressed, the Enchanted Forest is a beautiful escape. If you’re looking for romance, there’s nowhere better than playing here, in Paris.

Are you feeling romantic today?

(He looks around and sighs) Out there in the world it’s February; a dark and cold month, lit by a single day of romance. I like to honour that day.

Alright, for those readers who are getting ready to face their favourite romantic opponent, let’s talk  tactics. What’s the best advice to give to someone who doesn’t have anything yet, but has a plan?

Set your eye on your goal, and respect your opponent. It doesn’t matter who faces you across the board: your arch enemy, or your one true love. They’ll be playing their own game, so play yours.

Early on, buy-up every property you land on, even if it’s not something you want. Even if it means mortgaging a few to fund your expansion. Once you have all the cards you can hold, you have all the leverage you need to start trading for the properties you want. 

Oh, and never try to get away with not paying rent. That’s not an issue here in the mobile game, because it’s automatic, but speaking generally nobody likes a cheat. Ask any of the great players and they’ll tell you it’s not worth it.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Mr Monopoly. I suggest visiting some different themes together, but he’s happy in Paris, and it’s easy to see why. The blue sky, the floating balloons, the Belle Epoque energy of peace and opportunity. It’s definitely the ultimate romantic escape.

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