THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Sandy Shores world is getting a bonus outfit! Help decide what it will be!

The winning outfit will be available to all players, in all worlds, FREE!

See your style inspiration immortalised in THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Sandy Shores world! Enter your ideas by following the link below. We’ll narrow down a shortlist of favourites, and then run a secondary poll to decide the winner!

Welcome to Sandy Shores!

Our lives are full of unknowns, and sunny times may feel like a world a way, but the Sandy Shores world is bringing the sunshine to you! Get ready to venture into a forever holiday, where you can watch the difficult decisions melt away.

Ride the waves as a Surf Instructor, or dive beneath them as a Marine Biologist. Enjoy the resorts solo, or meet your one true love and have a beach wedding. Commit to the lifestyle and invest in a beach house or a boat! It’s a life-long escape and the choices are all yours!

But what will you wear? Enter your ideas, for a chance to see your suggested outfit in the Sandy Shores world!

*Submission is now closed. Thank you for entering your ideas! We’ve now designed your top three most popular suggested looks, and you have the power to choose which will be available to all players in-game!

Will it be the Diver, Mermaid or Crab?

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