Does this game follow the official Clue/Cluedo rules? Is anything different?

Clue/Cluedo features three different game types that make for unique experiences.


The rules match our previous version of Clue/Cluedo, inspired by the original board game rules.

Ultimate Detective

An exciting new take that brings more deduction and interaction to the classic formula. The main gameplay changes are:

  • Everyone answers suggestions by stating whether or not they own any of the cards suggested. No cards are shown!
  • Each player begins with a Key that can be traded for a direct question to another player, to know if they have a specific card.
  • The movement mechanic has been streamlined, and the corridor is now entirely disregarded. You move directly between adjacent rooms.
Clue Cards

Similar to Classic but with Clue Cards, which makes the game faster. Based on the board game’s 2023 edition rule set.

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