Is Monopoly rigged? The AI seems too lucky and my dice rolls too unlucky!

We can assure you that the game’s chance mechanics (dice rolls, cards, etc) are completely random and luck-based. Rigged games are unfair and no fun, and our goal as game developers is always to deliver the best gaming experience possible. We know that sometimes it can feel like the other players get all the breaks, but this really is pure chance – we’d have nothing to gain by purposefully tweaking the probabilities against you.

If you keep experiencing events that do not seem random or that always happen after very specific steps, then you may be encountering a bug! In that case, we would greatly appreciate it if you reached out to us with more details so that we may investigate it.
The following information may be helpful to us:

– Your country
– Your platform (e.g. iOS, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch)
– Your device model and the operating system/number you are running
– At what point exactly does the bug occur?
– What are the steps you take which lead up to the bug?
– Does the bug occur in a specific game mode?

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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Our FAQ covers general and technical questions about our games on mobile and tablet devices, PC and Nintendo Switch. It could be that the answers you’re looking are already available, so we advise you to look there first.

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