Some game modes are unresponsive

This issue appears to originate from a corrupt save file and, because Steam automatically uploads this file to the cloud, simply deleting it will likely not work. For this reason, you should keep your game running in the background when deleting the file.

Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Open The Game of Life 2 and stay on the main menu
  2. Keep the game running in the background
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\”YourUser”\AppData\LocalLow\Marmalade Game Studio\Game Of Life 2\”YourSteamID”\SaveGames, and delete all of the files in that location
  4. Go back to The Game of Life 2, start a game and play for a turn or two
  5. Close The Game of Life 2
  6. Open The Game of Life 2 again and check if the unresponsive buttons work.

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