Which Maps will be added to JUMANJI’s Season Pass in the future?

WINTER LODGE RESORT – Bringing a tropical jungle into a winter resort is going to play havoc with the environment! Watch out, the magic of Jumanji will never freeze!

SHOPPING MALL – Are you ready to bring the chaos of the wild to the mall? Go shopping and unleash far more than you bargained for!

HAUNTED HOUSE – Send creatures from the darkest corners of the Jumanji jungle back into the game, in this spooky setting!

COLLEGE CAMPUS – Roll the dice in the library, lecture hall, dining hall and out on the sports field! Just beware of jungle party crashers!

CARNIVAL – Where does the carnival end and Jumanji begin? Play the game and stay sharp as animals from the magical jungle rampage through this colorful and vibrant setting!

PARRISH HOUSE – Take your nostalgia to the max in the Parrish House. Play Jumanji through the mansion you know and love from the movie, battling the jungle in the Kitchen, the Study, the Drawing Room and more

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