THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Age of Giants world takes a giant step back in time!

Welcome to the journey of your dinosaur-loving life!

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Age of Giants world takes you to a fantasy land where pegs and dinosaurs are the best of friends!

At Marmalade Game Studio we’re all about bringing magic to life through games. Whether you’re test-driving career options, or escaping into a magical realm, we’ve got you covered. And our latest theme takes one giant-sized step into prehistoric times, making your dinosaur dreams come true!

Take a lead role in THE GAME OF LIFE 2’s first evolutionary tale. Start out from the Coastal Caves and travel to Stone Town, the first peg city! Make dinosaur friends in the Jurassic Jungle, follow your muse and become a cave-drawing artist, or study to become a dino-dentist! The choices are yours

Why create a fantasy world in the age of dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are cool. For over 100 million years they roamed the earth, dominating every continent and then… boom. A chance collision with an asteroid that caused mass devastation and extinction.
But what if the asteroid had missed?
Would the first human species have met the last dinosaurs? We like to think so, and LIFE would have looked a bit different if things had turned out that way!

What’s in THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Age of Giants world?

When you move from one area of the board to the next, you’ll enter a new phase in your evolution. After a childhood in the Coastal Caves, you’ll journey through the Jurassic Jungle, build a life in the first peg settlement and end up in Stone Town, the modern Stone-Age metropolis!
Hop in your wooden Sports Moto, get married at the Stone Alter; invest in a Tree House, a Hammock Tent or a Stilt House and relax at the Hot Stone Retreat. With careers from Dino Herder to Tent Designer, there’s a job for everyone! Live the life of your wildest prehistoric dreams, before venturing into retirement and beyond!

You’ll be fully immersed in a bright hand-crafted 3D world and surrounded by intricate details. Enjoy the dinosaur wedding guests as pterodactyls swoop overhead! Spot the giants towering above the rooftops, and the tiny raptors hiding in the trees!

In THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Age of Giants world, your childhood dinosaur dreams are brought to life!

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 is multiplayer across platforms. Join your friends and family on iOS, Android and PC! We’re also excited to announce that it will be coming soon to Nintendo Switch!

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