The Top 5 Feel-Good Themes of 2023


  • Monopoly – Enchanted Forest
  • The Game of Life 2 – Sweet Haven
  • Clue/Cluedo – Venetian Masquerade
  • Monopoly – Paris: La Belle Epoque
  • The Game of Life 2 – Sandy Shores

In most places in the Northern Hemisphere, January is dark, damp and cold. So we’re here to lift your spirits with 5 feel-good themes in Monopoly, The Game of Life 2, and Clue/Cluedo.

Marmalade games are multiplayer, and available across mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. Join your family and friends online or in person, and curl up with these classic games, perfect for passing the long dark nights together.

Monopoly – Enchanted Forest

Combine relaxation and mindfulness in a Monopoly experience like no other. Trek away from the woodland path and let the tension of hot property markets melt away as you discover a world of flowers, tall grasses and chattering streams. It’s all the magic of Spring in one beautiful board, and it’s the breath of fresh air you need this January.

The Game of Life 2 – Sweet Haven

Float above the stresses of life on pink sugar-clouds, in the Sweet Haven World. It’s an island of candy, calling all players to the art of candy-craft! Go to College and become a Cake Designer. Buy the Croissant Cottage or sparkle from the Lollipop Lighthouse. It’s time to sprinkle some magic on your life choices!

Clue/Cluedo – Venetian Masquerade

Escape into a Venetian dream and discover the criminal behind the mask! Solve mysteries in high society Venice:

Dr. Boddy was at the centre of every rumour. As a successful merchant and eligible bachelor, gossip followed him wherever he went. But was any of it true? And if so, did it lead to his untimely end?

Monopoly – Paris: La Belle Epoque

Embrace your joie de vivre with in historic Paris. It’s the city of love at it’s peak. The sun is shining, the Sene is winding, and the parks and streets around the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower are yours for the taking!

The Game of Life 2 – Sandy Shores

Venture forth into the Sandy Shores world! Watch the difficult decisions melt away on this forever holiday in the land of sunshine! Ride the waves as a Surf Instructor, or dive beneath them as a Marine Biologist. It’s a life-long escape and the choices are all yours!

Live a lifetime in a candied wonderland, own it all in Monopoly’s Enchanted Forest, solve Clue/Cluedo mysteries among the swirling silks of historic Venice, and sprinkle some magic on your life choices in The Game of Life 2. Your next escape awaits!

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