Ticket To Ride FAQ

New Marmalade Game Launch

When is the new game out?
The game will be released on Steam in November 2023, followed by mobile, with console versions coming later.

How much will the new game cost?
The cost will vary between platforms. On Steam, the base game will be priced at $14.99/£12.79/€14.79.

What’s new in the new game?
This is a brand new reimagining of the beloved board game by Marmalade Game Studio, the digital board game experts, with a number of new features and improvements:

  • Vibrant new visuals and 3D flourishes that bring the board game to life
  • Improved AI for a real challenge, and a wide range of personality types so that you can have the solo experience that suits you best
  • Customise your appearance and express yourself! Choose from a large cast of characters to represent you, and pick your preferred colour. For the first time, customise your trains by choosing a locomotive and carriage that everyone will see when you claim a route
  • Full cross-play across all platforms
  • A post-launch update will introduce Adventures, a meta narrative with challenges to beat in order to advance the story and unlock rewards
  • Regular updates will add new features and expansions. We’ll continue to work with the community to deliver compelling content, with the ultimate goal being to support every existing physical expansion, as well as brand new digitally exclusive expansions!

What platforms will the new game be on?
It will launch on Steam, followed by mobile, with console versions coming later.

Will there be in-app purchases?
Yes, expansions and cosmetics can be purchased within the game

What maps will the game launch with?
The new game will launch with the North America and Europe maps, with more to follow in future updates.

What multiplayer options does the new game have?
The new game supports a wealth of multiplayer options. Choose whether to play with friends or with random players, and choose the speed of game that suits you best. From a highly competitive game that can be completed in 15 minutes, to a more relaxed one that can be completed at your own pace, over days, with push notifications alerting you when it is your turn.

Can I share in-app content with my family members?
Yes, it’s possible, and we encourage you to share your in-app content with your family members.

The process of sharing depends on the platform you are using and it’s important to keep in mind that each platform comes with its own set of guidelines. For this reason, we highly recommend that you take the time to read up on the relevant platform’s guidelines before purchasing in-app content with the intent to share it with your family members.

You can share in-app content with members of your Family Library group, but you’re prevented from playing the game at the same time.
For more information, please visit the following page:

You can share in-app content through Apple’s Family Sharing. All of our in-app purchases can be shared within your family group.
For more information on Apple’s Family Sharing and its features, please visit the following link: apple.com/family-sharing/

You can share in-app content with your family through Google’s Family Library.
For more information on Google’s Family Library and its features, please visit the following link:

Does the new game support cross-play?
Yes, like all Marmalade games, full cross-play is supported, across PC, mobile and console.

If I purchase in-app content on one platform, do I get access to that content on other platforms as well?
Yes, if you purchase content on one platform, it will be available on other platforms, as long as you are signed in to the same Bubble account on both devices. You will need to purchase the base game separately on both devices, however.

How long does a game last?
The new game supports a wide range of game modes and speeds, from a Blitz game that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, up to a virtually endless game where you and your friends can play at your own pace and come back to the game whenever you want.

Can you pause or rejoin matches? Is the game asynchronous?
There are a number of different speed settings for multiplayer games, so that you can play at the pace you prefer. For games with shorter timers, you’re expected to finish the game in a single session (typically an hour or less) – you’ll be able to rejoin the game if you’re disconnected or have to briefly suspend the game, but if you take too long then you’ll be replaced by an AI, so as not to disrupt the other players too much.
However, the game also supports asynchronous games with much longer timers, so that games can be played over multiple sessions. In this mode, each player is alerted by notification when it’s their turn, which they can take at their leisure, when they have the time. These games can potentially take days to complete, or even up to a month if playing in an asynchronous friends game without timers.

What languages does the game support?
The new game supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Are there going to be achievements?
Yes, there will be achievements in-game. On Steam and consoles, these achievements will be linked to platform-specific achievement systems (such as Sony’s trophies).

Future Features

Will you add more features in the future?
Marmalade Game Studio has a long history of making live games that are continually developed and added to over the years. We will continue to work with the community to make the ultimate version of Ticket to Ride, so if you have great ideas for features or content, get involved in our community and tell us!
Marmalade Game Studio Discord

Does the new game have leaderboards?
No, not for launch, but it is a feature we are considering for a future update.

Are you going to support expansion [x]?
Our aim is to eventually support all of the most popular Ticket to Ride expansions. Join the community to help us decide what to add next!
Marmalade Game Studio Discord

Will the new game support Pass & Play?
There will not be Pass & Play support for launch, but it’s something we’re considering for the future. If it’s something you would like to see, join the community and let us know!
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Do I need to buy this game again if I already own the old game?
Yes, but users of the old game will be given a code that they can use to unlock an exclusive reward in the new game.

Can I get a discount on the new game if I owned the old game?
No, but there is an exclusive reward, as mentioned above.

Can I transfer my expansion purchases from the old game to the new game?
No, expansions will have to be purchased again in the new game.

Can I sign into Asmodee.net on the new game and keep my friends list?
No, the new game uses Marmalade’s Bubble platform for social features. You’ll need to add your friends again there.

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