Ticket to Ride™ Heads North in New Expansion from Marmalade Game Studio

The Nordic Expansion delivers new gameplay features and more to the fan-favourite digital board game!

Marmalade Game Studio has delivered a brand-new expansion for its popular digital board game, Ticket to Ride, featuring a new map, two new characters, locomotives, carriages and gameplay rules. Based on the tabletop best-seller by Days of Wonder, the Nordic Expansion spotlights the biggest cities in the region, offering players additional challenges as they build their railway empires across a stunningly detailed digital game board. Players can download the expansion on Steam and mobile for £7.99/$7.99/€7.99. 

Ticket to Ride has a lively and active fanbase that we’re constantly engaged with,” says Georgina Venman, Associate Producer at Marmalade Game Studio. “As players have mastered the finer nuances of the base Ticket to Ride digital board game, we’ve been hard at work planning future expansions offering up new challenges, maps and rule sets! The Nordic Expansion is the first of multiple expansions to come. Players can enjoy the game they love with a fresh new twist – we can’t wait to see how they tackle the mighty Murmansk-Lieksa route!

The Nordic Expansion features incredible new challenges for players to overcome; the nine-train-long Murmansk-Lieksa route demands careful planning, with players limited to 40 trains at their disposal instead of the usual 45. Plus, unlike classic map gameplay rules, the sought-after Locomotive cards can only be used for tunnels, ferries and the special Murmansk-Lieksa route, and players can swap three cards of the same colour for an additional piece. 

Along with different gameplay features to get stuck into, players who purchase the Nordic Expansion will also get two characters, Mina and Morten, to add to their selection. Plus, there are two new trains and carriages on the way – the reliable Arctic Express, the mighty Frosthammer, the towering Hearthside and the cosy Snowdrifter. 

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