Welcome to a Jigsaw Video Party for everyone!

Video chat in-game with friends while you complete jigsaw puzzles on your mobile!

See your favourite people face-to-face and complete jigsaw puzzles together, with Jigsaw Video Party! It’s so simple, anyone can do it. Invite your friends, organise private groups, start games directly from your group chats and transition seamlessly to video chat while you play! It’s timeless fun for all ages, and it’s the easiest way to play games with your friends and family, wherever you are!

The first Marmalade game to include text and video chat

Jigsaw Video Party comes with the new Bubble in-game social platform. This secure platform brings you text and video chat within the game itself. Your account is free to set up, and once you have a login, you can invite your friends to private chat groups. While there, you can agree on which puzzle to complete and with how many pieces.

Once you’ve made up your minds, launch a puzzle directly from your chat and seamlessly transition to video while you play!

Everyone loves a jigsaw puzzle!

Jigsaw puzzles are a great social pastime. They’re relaxing, fun, and importantly don’t take too much brain power. This means you can spend quality time with your favourite people, catching up on life while you piece together a beautiful picture.

Jigsaw Video Party recreates that in-person magic on your mobile. 

Solve a whole load of puzzles while video chatting with your friends. Text chat before you start and choose which puzzles to solve together, then transition to video when you start. Each image can be divided into your chosen number of pieces. This gives you maximum flexibility and means all images can be easily adapted to suit players of different ages. You can also choose fewer pieces for a quick chat, and go the whole 432 pieces for a good long get together. And if you don’t complete the puzzle you can always come back to it later. All progress is saved, so it’s up to you!

A FREE app with no ads and no distractions

At Marmalade we always provide you with uninterrupted quality time. Just like all our games, Jigsaw Video Party is totally ad-free and it’s FREE to download. 

The app comes with a taster pack of 3 beautiful images. Additional puzzle packs include 50 puzzles each, and can be bought for £3.99. Each pack includes bespoke artwork by our in-house team, and a selection of curated images. The images in each theme pack have been individually selected, and we promise they’re well worth it!

Play Jigsaw Video Party now on iOS or Android and invite your friends to your in-game Bubble! Spend quality time with your favourite people, or get some well deserved time to yourself. The picture is yours to piece together!

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