You’re invited to Cluedo’s Venetian Masquerade

Between February 19th and March 1st, attend an exclusive party in the historic city!

Between now and midnight on March 1st we’re making Cluedo’s luxury Venetian Masquerade theme available to all detectives. Look past the bright colours and swirling silks and unmask the criminal! Every character in the ballroom is hiding something and it’s up to you to get to the truth.
Cluedo is a game for up to six suspects, available on both iOS and Android. Play online with your friends or offline in single player mode. Choose your character and crack the case. The mystery is different every time you play!

Solve mysteries in the historic city between February 19th and March 1st
Unlock a whole new theme

Cluedo’s Venetian Masquerade features brand new characters, weapons and stunning crime scene locations. Try it now for a limited time. The Venetian Masquerade will transport you to a new era. Join Detectives everywhere and travel back in time to a city like no other!

Discover the ultimate detective package and SAVE 50% on the Detective Pass. The Season pass contains all current and future themes, boards and characters. Visit an Egyptian archaeological dig site, become your favourite characters in a Sherlock Holmes investigation, board the Murder Express and much more!

Can you crack the case and solve the mystery? Become a detective on the mobile version of the official HASBRO board game. Adventures await! Download now

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