A New Look for Marmalade Game Studio

Behold! A new era has dawned, with a new look for Marmalade Game Studio, and we have a new logo to prove it!

We are excited to share our new brand which, we feel, better reflects who we are and want to be. But don’t worry, the core values that make us Marmalade Game Studio are still at the heart of everything we do.

At Marmalade Game Studio we are lucky to work with established brands that you know and love. However, in the background it is our values – to bring you high quality digital experiences, with no ads, no micro-transactions and consistent, diverse multiplayer modes – that allow those brands to shine. With some very successful titles to our name, it is time we made it easier for you to spot Marmalade Game Studio quality when you’re browsing the app stores, Steam and Nintendo Switch, looking for new games to play.

Why rebrand?

Our logo and brand has worked well until now. However, we recently took a step back and realised that it was not representing the Marmalade Game Studio we are, and want to become.

Introducing the Marmalade Game Studio M!

What we do is bring games to life on digital platforms, and we wanted our new logo to say this in a simple and memorable way.

Our M has rounded edges, like a fingertip, and the colour fade from light to dark gives it a feeling of “movement”. This represents the “swipe” motion of your finger across a screen when you’re playing one of our games. You can expect top-notch quality from us, and our beautifully designed, yet playful logo reflects this.

As for colour, our signature blue remains the same. It radiates energy and has a wide appeal that matches the variety of players around the world, who enjoy our games. We have also introduced a darker blue and a selection of grey tones to the mix, giving us the chance to temper that energy where necessary, and make our text clearer on the screen with a darker shade. 

Going forward the Marmalade Game Studio brand will be more prominent. Part of this is reflected in the gradient, which also works as an overlay. This means that the M can sit over the brands we represent, allowing them both to shine.

What does this mean?

A rebrand can mean a lot of things, but there’s no need to worry. Marmalade Game Studio will continue to find the fun in everything we do, developing and publishing high quality digital games.
Our look has evolved, and our brand now reflects what we are and what we hope to become. 

Mike Willis, CEO of Marmalade Game Studio said: “It is important to always look to the future. We have exciting times ahead and we need a brand that can carry our work and our ambition forward. We are incredibly proud of how far our studio has come in just a few short years, and now we have a look and feel that truly reflects what we do.”

Find out more

Have a look around the rest of our website to find out more about Marmalade Game Studio, our games and our new brand identity!

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