A New Ticket To Ride Video Game is Approaching the Steam Platform!

The new adaptation promises to delight fans and new players alike, bringing a world of railway expansion to life!

Marmalade Game Studio is delighted to announce a new Ticket to Ride board game experience, coming soon to Steam. Their innovative premium adaptation will bring immersive accessible gameplay to a wide range of players. Stunning visuals will meet the strategic challenge of growing a railway empire from coast to coast across North America, providing hours of fun for fans and new players everywhere.

Marmalade Game Studio has an established reputation for creating high quality video board games across mobile, PC and console. Ticket to Ride will be joining a lineup of beloved classics, including: Monopoly, The Game of Life 2, The New Clue(do) and Mouse Trap. Each is lovingly crafted, making the most of the digital format by introducing innovative features wherever possible. All while staying true to the original board game.

The new Ticket to Ride video game promises to deliver on quality, with 3D animations that will bring the board game to life. With a brand new AI system, single player games will provide a more realistic challenge to the seasoned players, dynamically adapting to their moves as the game progresses.

Over the last year we have spent hundreds of hours analysing how the best players approach the game, which tactics they use and how and when they decide to change tack. We all know that person in the group who doesn’t just win the game, but wins it with 200 points, obliterating the competition. We interviewed more than a hundred such players to understand what sets them apart and modelled our AI system based on their input, resulting in a live AI that uses the best strategies for winning, but also responds in real time to how the game is played around them. This gives us the best of both worlds, a satisfying game for expert players and also a casual game for less experienced audiences.” said Cristina Mereuta, co-CEO of Marmalade Game Studio. 

Marmalade’s Ticket to Ride will balance a fresh interface with animated details, enabling true immersion without compromising on clarity. Careful game design has condensed the classic into an experience that can be enjoyed in shorter realtime multiplayer sessions, but players can choose to indulge in day-long asynchronous games, taking turns as and when they are able. This means that the new Ticket to Ride will cater to a wide range of players, no matter their gaming needs. Ticket to Ride will invite five players to the game in various multiplayer modes, including online with fans around the world and online with friends. 

Ticket to Ride comes with an existing fanbase, and Marmalade Game Studio has nurtured an ongoing relationship with many of them privately or through social media and Discord. This dedication to the community has led to valuable insights and meaningful decisions about gameplay.

Cristina Mereuta said:

As fans of the board game, we have always been aware of the passionate community around it. We wanted to connect with this fan base, learn what really excites players, and bring them the ultimate Ticket to Ride experience. Their input has been extremely valuable in validating the features and content roadmap we’re preparing for the game. We are committed to serving this community and we will continue our conversations with them throughout the game’s lifecycle.”

For Marmalade Game Studio and fans around the world, the adventure is just beginning. While the game will launch with the United States and Europe maps, players can look forward to a series of subsequent expansions that will add new locations and fresh gameplay to the collection. These will include all the obvious fan favourites, plus also a few surprise maps brought to the digital space for the first time by Marmalade.

The game will launch on Steam in November 2023. Players can add it to their Wishlists now and be the first to board the train!

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