You sank my battleship!

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  • Appropriate for Everyone

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About the Game

The official digital version of the classic Hasbro naval combat board game. Challenge friends and family on mobile and tablet in Classic Mode or the all-new Commanders Mode. Feel a change in the waters with this fast-paced, strategic and tactical variation. Play with unique naval commanders and use resources to activate powerful, special abilities that will secure you a win, as you wage war on the high seas.



Family friendly

Fun for everyone, enjoy the full game with no adverts!

Classic mode

Play the game you know and love on mobile and tablet!

Commanders mode

A more tactical variation, with unique Commander abilities!

Fleets & arenas

Deploy your Commander’s fleet in battle arenas around the world!

Missions & ranks

Earn medals, level up and become the ultimate Commander!

Head to head

Sink your opponent's fleet before they sink yours! Take aim and fire!

Single Player

You're not playing alone when you take on our challenging AI!

Local multiplayer

Play on one device on Switch and Steam! Free mobile app required!

Online multiplayer

Play as an open game, or privately with your friends and family!



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