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For 60 years THE GAME OF LIFE has shown us how to win at growing up. Now the contemporary sequel, THE GAME OF LIFE 2, introduces up-to-date choices and new crossroads to the traditional mix! With a thousand new ways to live, and money no longer the only path to success, what will you choose? Find your happiness, whether that means money and fame, or academic fulfilment and a dozen cats! Will you be a Video Blogger or an Engineer? What roads will your friends and family take? Play to find out on mobile and tablet! 



The official sequel

The all new contemporary sequel to THE GAME OF LIFE!

Family friendly

Fun for everyone, play the full game ad-free with no pay-to-win limits!

Multiple themes

Play the classic or invest in the Season Pass to play additional worlds!

Single player

You’re not playing alone when you take on our challenging AI!

Online multiplayer

Invite friends and family, or find new opponents and game online!


Pass a device between up to 4 players for a wifi-free experience!


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Lunar Age

Lunar Age

The Board

The Board

Launch into orbit with THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Lunar Age! See technology advance from the first Moon Base to a High-Tech City, until you reach the advanced Alien Civilisation! Grow through the ages among the swirling satellites. The choices are all yours as you build your life on the furthest frontier!

Space Suit

Be prepared for life in low gravity, wherever you go! It’s the retro look that will blend in at the Moon Base, and make a statement through the technological ages!

Alien Onesie

Be in with the locals in this comfy, stylish attire! Three eyes, two ears, zero arms and one peg! It’s the perfect combination!

Retro-Futuristic Dress

Set out into evolving future society in style! Embrace life on the bright side of the moon with this cheerful outfit, plus statement hair!

Robot Suit

Why sleep when you can charge? Why think when you can compute? Why complete tasks when you can run a program? Maximise efficiency with this daring look!

Alien Enthusiast Outfit

You’re a friend to the aliens and you want them to know it! Be first in line to greet the Advanced Alien Civilisation in this casual, statement combination.

Space Patrol Suit

You’re all business and you’ve got the antenna to prove it. Never miss a signal or an opportunity to prove yourself in this formal, futuristic attire.

Moon Rover

It’s a sporty option, with wheels! Hover-tech caught-on quickly in the Lunar communities, but if you enjoy the traction of direct contact with the rocky moon surface, this is the ride for you!

Moon Truck

Level-up your Moon Rover with more room and, yes, more wheels! Feel every bump along the way and embrace a family-sized adventure!

Speeder Bike

Lean back and enjoy the ride! It’s the space-age, so why not combine recliner and motorbike? Relax in this comfortable daring option for the single player!

Hover Car

Expand the comfort and make room for a passenger or two! This open-top ride will give your pets, partner, kids, or all three, a blast of fresh recycled air wherever you go!

Capsule Car

Are you a forward-looking driver? Do you have your sights set one way, and one way only? Why look back when you can turn on a pin in this nippy little Capsule Car!

Capsule Van

Expand your view with added space and more passengers. This elegant design, optimised for a smooth, efficient ride, will never fail to impress!

Flying Saucer

Like the sights but not the sounds? Enjoy panoramic views as you cruise from Biodome to High-Tech City. It’s a sleek option for you plus one!

Flying Van

Do you appreciate responsive handling and statement style? Draw attention wherever you go with this fun-fuelled family-friendly vehicle!

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores

The Board

The Board

Venture forth into the Sandy Shores world! Watch the difficult decisions melt away on this forever holiday in the land of sunshine! Ride the waves as a Surf Instructor, or dive beneath them as a Marine Biologist. It’s a life-long escape and the choices are all yours!


Always thought of yourself as a boss on the high seas? Then sail through your life as the ship’s captain!

Life Guard

If you like to think of yourself as a hero, the Lifeguard outfit is for you! Living in the Sandy Shores world is a dream, but safety always comes first!


Focus your lens and travel along the beaches and through the jungles as the ultimate Tourist! Visit the pristine coastlines and hike around the ancient dormant volcano!


Will you always prioritise catching waves over going to work? Do you get stoked about the surf?! Then this outfit is for you!


If you’re ready to go back in the water, then dress for the occasion! Make sharks cute in this adorable onesie!

Island Casual

Float through life with this casual, comfortable outfit. Channel the forever holiday vibe and take the sunshine with you wherever you go!


We asked for your outfit suggestions, you voted on the top 3 and the Crab outfit won! Be prepared for anything with your brand new hard shell and more legs than you can handle!

Tandem Bicycle

Take in the sights, the sounds and all the fresh air, as you peddle through life on this traditional and charming mode of transport!

Classic Surfer Van

Buckle up and get your groove on with this iconic van. There’s plenty of room for friends as you motor around the Island in search of the perfect wave!

Lifeguard SUV

If speed and safety on multiple terrains is your goal, this is the vehicle for you. Get the best view of the beach from this tall vantage point!

Lifeguard Quad Bike

Lifeguards need to be able to get around on all terrains. This Quad Bike won’t slow you down, no matter where life takes you!

Golf Cart

Fuelled by fresh air and a sporting attitude, this ride sets the perfect pace for a forever holiday. There’s just enough room for you and perhaps a special someone?

Shuttle Bus

A comfortable ride with room for all! Load up on children, pets or both and cruise around the Island in style!


If you like to pedal your way around the board in style, this is definitely the ride for you! It’s the quick, yet comfortable peg-powered vehicle on the island!


The tuktuk will take you and your family where you want to go at a calm and easy pace, perfect for sharing the sights!

Age of Giants

Age of Giants

The Board

The Board

Step into the new THE GAME OF LIFE 2 world: Age of Giants! Experience a land where pegs and dinosaurs are the best of friends. From Coastal Caves, through the Jurassic Jungle, all the way to Stone Town, it’s the journey of your prehistoric life!


Work your locks with the bone curlers, hit the road and make a good impression with your dinosaur neighbours in this stylish ensemble!


The road is long, so take snacks! Through every evolution your animal skin clothes are a style necessity in these prehistoric times!


Know which berries and herbs to eat, crush and steam as you venture forth into your prehistoric life adventure!


You’ll never go hungry with your trusty bow at your side, just be careful! You don’t want to hurt your dinosaur neighbours!

Saber-toothed Cat

It’s fluffy, it’s cosy, and it’s also a little bit scary! Be the cutest, most terrifying predator on the board in this unique look!

Dino Onesie

Why have one horn when you can have three!? Find out and blend in with the dinosaurs in this triceratops onesie!

Lumber Coupe

Who says prehistoric cars can’t be stylish? Take a moment to admire the sleek, soft-sanded lines of this sporty number, in highest quality pine!

Lumber SUV

Need more room? No problem! Luxuriate in the added foot space and get a load of that skeletal spoiler - it’s aerodynamic excellence for the whole family!

Rocky Bike

Looking for something a bit more rock and roll? Then look no further. Suspension isn’t even necessary when you crush everything in your path!

Rocky Truck

Thinking of adopting a pet or two? Maybe considering a cavebaby? Rock your way to family status with this significant upgrade!

Fossil Dino Car

There’s a statement vehicle, and then there’s this. Taking inspiration from our dinosaur friends, this agile set of wheels is good for any terrain!

Fossil Turtle Van

The Stone Age family knows that all it takes to speed-up a tortoise, is a set of wheels! Get the best view on the board as you cruise to the finish line in comfort!

Basket Car

It’s lightweight, it’s fast and it’s perfect for the lone driver plus one. Glide through life to the gentle whisper of wind through the grass hood of your car!

Basket Van

When it comes to light bodywork and easy maintenance, you’re looking at the best the Stone Age has to offer. Relax in your very own wicker basket on wheels!

Frozen Lands

Frozen Lands

The Board

The Board

Put on your warmest coat and snow boots, it’s time for an adventure through Frozen Lands! Set out on an expedition and discover the mysteries of a wintery world. Get in your sleigh and qualify as an Arctic Scientist, or hit the slopes as a professional Snow Sledder! Journey through the ski resort, ice village and magical forest, all the way to the mysterious frozen North!


Impersonate this creature of legends and feel right at home in the snowy landscapes!

Ice Fisher

Pull up your hood and reel in your fishing line! The road might be long, but you’ll never go hungry!


If you’re ready to work hard in a magical frozen world, this is the outfit for you!


Live in the moment and take the risky path in this sporty ensemble!


Do you have a curious nature? Then set forth in this practical outfit and be ready for anything!

Warm Cosy

Are you a fan of hot drinks and cosy times? Then take life easy with this warm, classic look!


It takes guts to ride one of these things! Don’t let hidden obstacles throw you off your life path, as you speed through the valley!

Family Snowmobile

For something a little sturdier, with room for a growing family, this snowmobile glides over the rough terrain!

Wooden Reindeer

Beware the antlers! This timber steed has a mind of its own, but will get you through any blizzard!


For traditional elegance, look no further! Glide through life with plenty of room for kids, pets, or just your glorious self!

Snow Plow

Remove all obstacles in your path with this heavy vehicle!

Expedition Truck

Adventure into the icy wilderness with this sturdy 4x4. It’s purpose built to get you to the end of your life path, no matter the weather!


For a fast journey, look no further! You’re sure to reach your destination quickly, but you may not get there in one piece!


Eliminate friction and float over the ice and snow. You’ll have no trouble racing through life, but stopping might be a challenge!

Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills

The Board

The Board

Welcome to the world where creepy creatures rule! Will you test your tasty brains at the Haunted College, or go straight into a ghoulish profession? Will you find your true love at the Haunted Chapel, or venture forth on your own? Choose a scary costume and hit the board in style for trick or treat fun wherever you are!


Are you ready to put the “haunt” in Haunted Hills? Then choose this outfit and prepare to scare!

Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s a striking look that’s sure to turn heads, even if yours is only bolted on!


Perfect the hair, polish the monocle, sharpen your teeth, and be glad that it’s always night time in the Haunted Hills!


Prepare to brew some potions and cast some spells! This is the costume for the magical and enchanting!


Avoid the spooky chills! You’re bound to feel warm and snug on your haunted life journey in this outfit!


Being dead won’t stop you from living your life on the board! Roll up those bandages and be ready to live again!

Chopper Bike

Hold on to your femurs! It’s time to crank the joints, put the pedal to the metal and power around the board!

Hot Rod

There’s nothing like a modified car that’s built out of bone! Satisfy your growing pains as you grow through life.

Mine Cart

It’s speedy and sturdy and can cope with the sharp twists and turns of life. If you enjoy the thrill ride, this is for you!

Ghost Train

Clear the line! The ghost train is powering through town. Drive alone or fill the seats as you build your ghoulish family!

Reaper Canoe

Light your own way in this singular vehicle. Sure the bumps of the road won’t affect you, but will strong currents pull you off course?

Ghost Ship

Sail serenely through the valley in your very own haunted galley! Don’t let the torn sails fool you, it’s a speedy, spooky ship!

Dune Buggy

It’s a two-seater sporty vehicle that doesn’t need fuel, but does need a toothbrush! Buckle up! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Monster Truck

For a monster family, there’s the monster truck! Load up on children, pets and everything you need for a life-long ride.

Fairytale Kingdom

Fairytale Kingdom

The Board

The Board

Take an enchanted quest through the Fairytale Kingdom! Study at the Wizard Academy or become a Knight in shining armour! It’s a magical world with enchanting opportunities to live your dream life exactly as you want! Get ready to escape reality!


Always wanted to have ears as pointed as your arrows? Then set forth on your adventure in this practical and durable ensemble, appropriate for most magical occasions and professions!


If you’re expecting to run into some trouble on the road, it’s wise to have a sturdy shield at your side! Be the dashing adventurer you’ve always known yourself to be!


Polish your crown and brush that hair before you hit the highway! Life is about hard work and being a Princess is about leading the way!


Do you like collecting gold? Are you prepared to breathe fire on anything that gets in your way? Then this is the fantasy persona for you!


The robe is comfy, but the beard itches a bit! This is a costume for the long term. Put that staff to work and save your knees from the start!


Float through life in a dress for all occasions! There’s flowers in your hair and wind in your wings as you fly right over the challenges of life!

Elven Leaf Boat

For a magical journey in calm waters, glide through the Fairytale Kingdom and let the lantern light your way!

Elven Swan Boat

The tough decisions of life in this enchanted world, will float by as you cruise through the valley in this family-sized boat!

Flying Broomstick

Obstacles in your life path mean nothing when you can fly right over them! Saddle up and take to the skies as you swoop along the board!

Wizard Wagon

Take your wares, your loved ones and your pets with you. It’s a vehicle for life, not just for the present!


Fuelled by insects and love, this vehicle will become a loyal companion. You’re never alone with a ladybug steed!

Pumpkin Chariot

A ride for all weathers, you’ll have space for the whole family, plus a surplus of pumpkin for a lifetime of meals!

Knight’s Horse

The wheels on this mighty steed certainly save the hooves and blacksmith bills! Fuelled by magic, not oats, this modern horse can be parked anywhere!

Royal Chariot

For a statement vehicle, look no further! It’s a grand, open top ride that’s guaranteed to turn heads and get you noticed!



The Board

The Board

Get ready to live your life in the new eco-city! Personalise your peg, choose your vehicle and live the life of your dreams. Play with friends and family, wherever you are!


For the peg who prioritises comfort over formality. Get ready for the road trip of your life in this casual, yet coordinated, look.

Classic Suit

For the peg who takes appearances seriously. Look like you know what you’re doing, even if you’re making it up as you go along!


For the student, every day is a school day! Pack up your books and get ready to over-think every choice!

College Classic

Close the books and hit the road for some solid life experience! Put your qualifications to the test in the career of your dreams!

Festival Chic

For the peg who’s more interested in happiness than wealth, perhaps you’ll find both on this life journey!

Smart Casual

It’s the outfit for every occasion! Be ready for work and relaxing with friends in this comfortable combination!

Eco Roadster

Speed along the board in style with this quiet car that’s bound to turn heads!

Off Road

Roar through the eco-city in this 4x4. No matter what life throws at you, these wheels will find a way!


If you want the freedom to travel quickly through the city, this is the choice for you! There’s not much room for family, but if that’s not the future for you, get ready to weave your way through the traffic!

Smart Family Van

Do you have plans for multiple children and/or pets? If so, this is the ride for you! Comfortable, classic, and plenty of room for passengers!

Eco Van

For the eco-conscious family-minded individual, it’s a big vehicle with a small carbon footprint. Say hello to spacious comfort, and goodbye to fuel emissions!

Luxury Hybrid

It’s a comfortable ride for the 2.4 children and a spouse, or a single person with 4 pets! How you fill the seats is up to you!

Luxury Muscle Car

Who says the eco city can’t make room for a bit of muscle? If you intend to race life to the finish, this is the car for you!

Smart City Micro

It’s cute, it’s compact, and it’s got enough space for you and another! If that’s the perfect number for you, then buckle up and get ready to play!



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