Taboo – Official Party Game is here!

It’s time for some chaotic party fun on your mobile!

The best of all the card games is now on iOS and Android!
Get ready to out-talk the your friends and family together or apart, with in-game video chat. Describe what’s written on the card without using any of the taboo words. How do you get your team to say APPLE when the words RED, FRUIT, PIE, CIDER and CORE are also taboo? The buzzer, timer, cards and video chat are built in – all you need is your phone.

Download now!

Party Apart

For the first time, distance won’t divide you and your friends from party game fun! With in-game video chat, team up with 2-6 of your friends wherever you are! There’s everything you need in one place, no need for extra apps or screens. Simply invite your friends to your game and play!

  • Set up your free account
  • Invite your friends
  • Text chat in-app, in private
  • Start games straight from your chats
  • Transition smoothly to video chat when your game begins!

Party together

If you’re in the same place you can play with an unlimited number of friends in Local Party Mode! Simply share your game code and everyone can join. With the mobile game you take the party with you wherever you go.

So many cards!

The game comes with the classic deck of 500 cards, which is sure to keep you busy, and adding more is easy! Head to the shop and browse the available themed decks. How good are you with famous faces? Find out with Celebrity. Dive into sports with Fun & Games. Be inspired by Food Lovers, and take a trip outside with Wild World!

Totally ad-free

Taboo – Official Party Game is a premium game. Once you buy the app it’s completely ad-free. This means no interruptions to your gameplay. There are no extra payments required to play the whole game.

Taboo is a party favourite the world over, challenging adults, teenagers and noisy kids to go head-to-head. Are you ready to talk your way to victory? Be creative with words.

Get Taboo – Official Party Game by Marmalade Game Studio on iOS and Android TODAY!

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