The Most Famous MONOPOLY Rules You Never Knew Were Made Up

FACT – most MONOPOLY players haven’t even read the official rules and almost half admit they make rules up!

Did you know that 69% of MONOPOLY players have never actually read the official rule book? Not only that, but 49% of MONOPOLY players freely admit to making up their own rules for the game!

At Marmalade Game Studio we know this. For most of you it’s all part of the fun!

However, you might not know which rules are real and which are made up. This can bring some unexpected challenges when playing digital versions of the game, as most digital versions of MONOPOLY stick rigidly to the official rule book. 

To resolve this, we at Marmalade decided to include the most popular “unofficial rules” as optional extras. So here they are; the most popular MONOPOLY rules you made up, but we included anyway!

The Made-up Rules We Made Optional

Free Parking

  • This one is so popular many people will defend it loudly to the end. The idea is every time you pay tax or hand over cash on a Chance Card, you put the money on the Free Parking square instead of paying it into the bank. Anyone who lands directly on the square wins that cash bonus. But in the official rule book, Free Parking is an empty square that does nothing except give the player a bit of a break!

Skip spaces

  • Some households choose to discount the tax squares as spaces at all, gliding straight over them. But this rule is definitely made-up. After all, MONOPOLY is a board game and the squares are important!

$400 for landing on GO

  • In some houses if you land directly on GO, you win $400, doubling the $200 you get for passing GO. I hate to do this to you but if you land directly on the GO square, you’re meant to collect $200 just like every other time.

No rent collection in jail

  • Some people claim that while in jail you can’t cash in on your investments, but in the official rule book you collect rent no matter where you are. This makes it a strategically strong place to end up later in the game, as you can be earning money while paying nothing out!

No auctions

  • It’s a common unofficial practice to avoid auctions. Instead, if you land on a property and don’t want it, it remains unowned until someone who does want to buy it lands on it. However, in the official rule book if a player lands on a property and doesn’t want it, that property goes straight to auction.

Auction only

  • This is a made-up rule for the auction-lovers. In the official rule book, if you land on a property and don’t want it, it goes up for auction. In this unofficial rule if you land on a property it goes up for auction immediately and anyone can buy it, regardless of whether or not you want it!

Game over – quick end

  • Officially MONOPOLY ends only when one player has achieved ownership of everything, crushing opponents one by one. In this kinder version, whoever has the most money when the first player goes bankrupt, wins.

Quick hotels

  • It’s simple enough. In the official game you need to purchase 4 houses before you can invest in a hotel. In this unofficial rule you only need to buy 3. But be honest, people, it’s obvious this rule isn’t official!

Quick jail

  • Officially players have to wait 3 turns or roll doubles to get out of Jail. The made-up Quick Jail rule means you get back in the game after just 1 turn, whether you roll doubles or not. It means you get back in the game faster, but as we’ve already said, jail can be a good place to end up later on!

Starting title deeds

  • Nope, opening the game with 3 random properties already in your deck is NOT an official rule. Everyone starts from GO with the same amount of money and 0 properties to their name.

Made-up rules are a lot of fun and some have become popular because they ease disagreements and speed-up playing time. As the MONOPOLY board is famous for causing arguments, and games can run for over 4 hours, it can be tempting to turn to the unofficial rules! Most digital versions of MONOPOLY stick rigidly to the rule book, but at Marmalade we made your favourite house rules optional. After all, making-up rules is part of an 85 year tradition, and families have been disregarding the official rule book for decades!

You can download the MONOPOLY game by Marmalade Game Studio on iOS and Android.

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