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About the Game

All aboard for an adventure like no other! It’s the official video game based on the iconic board game, brought to life with immersive 3D graphics. Play with friends, family and fans around the world, or face state-of-the-art AI opponents trained by the experts in single player!
Travel around the world in an epic adventure that redefined the modern board game genre! Build a railway empire that connects the most popular cities, claim the most exciting routes and dominate your competitors in this fan favorite classic!



Original board game

Play the game you know and love on mobile and tablet!


Immersive 3D Graphics

Flawless graphics that will immerse you in the adventure.

Family friendly

Fun for everyone, enjoy the full classic game ad-free!

Single player

Turn the wi-fi off and play on the go with epic A.I. opponents!

Online multiplayer

Play with anyone online with your bubble account.


Play with anyone online at your own pace.

Online with friends

Play with your friends online with your bubble account.


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Nordic Countries

Nordic Countries

The Map
The Characters
The Locomotives
The Carriages

The Map

Brave the cold and reap the rewards as you journey through the Nordic countries!

Mina Larsen

Mina Larsen knows exactly how to prepare for the snowy northern lands – wrap up warm and keep smiling!

Morten Jensen

Morten Jensen embarks across the Nordic countries in search of as many fascinating folklore tales as possible!

Arctic Express

The Arctic Express makes short work of the steep, slippery routes that stretch across the Nordic countries!


Sleet, ice, and snow are no match for the mighty Frosthammer!


Your journey will reach new heights with the double-decker Hearthside carriage!


Travel from city to city in toasty comfort aboard the Snowdrifter carriage!



The Map
The Characters
The Locomotives
The Carriages

The Map

All the comforts of home for those long journeys… The Sweet Sleeper will carry you to the land of nod.

Bertie Hawkes

Bertie the travelling salesman hops from city to city, searching for and delivering the best deals.

Erika Ford

Erika Ford travels the world in search of the means to make her dreams a reality, fuelled by her business-savvy intellect all the way!

Dolomite Dynamite

Rely on the Dolomite Dynamite to get your passengers from A to B in classic style!

The Rocket

Inspiring train design for the next 150, the Rocket steam engine is ready to help you pave the way!


For carting timber across Europe, you can’t do better than the Lumberjack carriage!

Oil Baron

Fueling the land, the Oil Baron delivers warmth and light from coast to coast.

Classic – North America

Classic – North America

The Map
The Characters
The Locomotives
The Carriages

The Map

Live the American Dream and build your own success on the classic Ticket to Ride map.

Amelia Everest

Amelia Everest travels around the world seeking adventure, charting her course and making history!

Lord Chuffington

Lord Chuffington brings nobility and honour to the rails, as well as impeccable duelling skills that lend themselves to strategizing.

Ophelia Bennet

Ophelia Bennet shrouds herself in upper-class grace and decorum, keeping her cards close to her chest.

Otis King

Otis King built his business empire from the ground up – creating the ultimate train routes will simply be the next challenge he bests!

Valeria Lovelace

Valeria Lovelace longs to discover the mysteries and amazements of the world, so she’s packed her bags and headed off on a grand journey!

Iron Horse

Step back in time with the Iron Horse, the first transcontinental explorer!


Want sheer power? Pick the Juggernaut and stampede across the land!


The Mountaineer might lack speed, but it makes up for it with safety mechanisms designed to let it conquer mountain climbs


The iconic steam train of the Wild West, the Pioneer powers ahead!


For those who have places to be in a hurry, the Quicksilver is built for speed and momentum.

Royal Orient

Sublime comfort awaits aboard the Royal Orient – a first-class experience for your passengers!


Practicality over all! The Boxer carriage will get you to your destination for less!


It might not have lots of bells and whistles, but the Classic carriage has a proven history of reliability!


Take the best route with the Navigator! Settle back safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.


The Panorama offers exquisite views of the land rushing by the windows. Take it all in!

River Runner

Enjoy all the twists and turns in your journey sitting aboard the River Runner carriage.

Sweet Sleeper

All the comforts of home for those long journeys… The Sweet Sleeper will carry you to the land of nod.



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